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Charity Partner:

Shewula Community Group www.shewulacamp.org 

Project Aims:

Community Development and Wildlife Education

Further Details:

Swaziland has Africa’s highest rate of HIV and there are an estimated 80,000 HIV orphans in eSwatini (previously Swaziland), with many households being run by children.

Shewula is a small community-run organisation, based in the north-east of eSwatini which supports community-driven sustainable development projects to assist HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable children and their families in the Shewula community, northern eSwatini. Shewula run their own community Mountain Camp, to provide a source of income for the community and their children.

Poaching is also a major issue and the protection of the wildlife and game parks in eSwatini is increasingly threatened by both ‘for the pot’ and commercial poachers.

Example Project:

Help renovate a library, expand the community’s environmental education centre or set-up and run HIV/AIDS awareness and environmental education sessions – including taking the children to visit one of the nearby game reserves to run a ‘Children’s Day Bush Camp’.

Running environmental education days helps the local children to learn more about the importance of the native wildlife, so they can grow up wanting to protect it, rather than poach – most of the children in the community have never even seen a rhino or giraffe even though they live in villages neighbouring the National Parks!

Extra Activities:

We include seeing traditional Swazi dancing in the local community, a 1 day safari to Hlane Royal National Park to see elephants, rhino and lion and a half-day of horse-riding through one of eSwatini’s National Parks.


You will be staying in the community camp. Mountain Camp has running water and intermittent solar electricity. The accommodation consists of bunk-beds in small rondavels (traditional African huts). The team cook for themselves over the gas stoves at the camp. A local guard is also provided.

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