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Charity Partner:

livingstoneLivingstone Tanzania Trust 

Project Aims:

Children’s Education and Community Development

Further details:

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) is a grassroots development charity that is alleviating poverty in rural Tanzania through education at both the school and community level.

These communities are mostly made up of subsistence farmers who have had very little formal education and the opportunities for their children are also limited. The classrooms are hugely over-crowded, poorly equipped, too small and there are not enough of them. The classrooms are often in a poor state of repair, dark, with leaking roofs and no windows or doors.

Examples of projects:

Helping to renovate and improve existing classrooms at LTT’s kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

You will also get involved with the local school children and can arrange after school activities such as drama, arts and sports as well as running informal English conversation classes with the local school children.

Extra Activities:

We include a 2 day safari to Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park looking for the Big Five – which includes lions, elephants and leopards!


You will be staying in the heart of the community in basic but comfortable accommodation – i.e. no running water or electricity. The accommodation consists of mattresses/beds in an un-used classroom – with a local cook and guards to look after the team.


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