1. Inspire is a not just another ‘expedition’ company

We specialise in managing sustainable community service projects working in partnership with charities in the developing world.


2. We provide Link Partner Charities, so you can develop an on-going relationship

We believe in sustainability. This doesn't just stop at working directly with our community partners to design and set up projects, it also dictates how we work with our UK schools and groups. We believe that a volunteering trip shouldn't just be a one off, we actively work with groups and schools to set up long term links so that continued cultural exchange can take place. 90% of our groups return to their community at least every two years, 100% continue to maintain a relationship from the UK.


3. All our community projects are focused on mutual Education and Development 

All our trip itineraries are developed in partnership with our in-country charities. Any projects undertaken by participants are decided on by the charity partner, not by us. This ensures all our trips meet the needs of the charity partners and we do not do unnecessary and unsustainable work. We work in close contact with local staff to develop the trip plans, whilst taking away the burden from them of managing all the logistical arrangements associated with having volunteers or visitors.


4. Our trips are tailor-made for your school/student needs

Every single trip is tailor-made to your needs and that of your project and local communities. We can easily add on additional activities - but our specialism is working with our partner charities to create a trip which meets everyone's expectations and has a truly positive impact.


5. Your charitable donation is made direct to the charity

Inspire believe that any donations raised by participants should go directly to the charity. We do not take a cut of any charitable donations, but we work closely with you to ensure donations are used for a specific project and on-going support for the work of your charity in that area. Education and Development are at our core. We offer complete flexibility.


6. We provide in-depth pre-departure training

We provide two training sessions as a minimum to all groups. The first session covers the issues surrounding poverty and development in the country where they are going to be working, a teamwork and leadership skills session and an in-depth fundraising session to help the team develop ideas for raising the trip costs. The second session covers amongst other things cultural awareness, responsible travel, travel safety and preparation for the trip ahead. We can also offer bespoke additional training courses for participants in First Aid, Off-Site Safety Management and Risk.


7. We provide a very personal service

We deliberately choose to run a small number of trips each year as this allows us to build up a very unique and personal relationship which each of our teams. You will always speak to one of our Directors or our experienced Programme Managers when you call us. We don’t have a huge team of sales people – we are community project specialists and our interests and focus is based around this. We will give 100% to ensure we meet your expectations and deliver the trip you want.


8. We really do care about travelling responsibly

We don’t just have a list of meaningless ‘responsible travel’ policies. We act on this. We employ local staff to support the team – local cooks, guards and guides wherever possible. We buy local food and encourage team members to absorb and interact with the local community – from learning local phrases to buying souvenirs from local crafts people. To take this idea further we run dry only projects (i.e. no alcohol) when in the local community, promote volunteers to get 'off the grid' and leave mobiles at home, and impose a srtrict dress code in keeping with local cultures and traditions. Responisible global citizenship is our priority.

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