Girls 4 Girls


Inspiring women across the world

A project designed for girls to support girls across cultural divides

Strengthen your students' global outlook, whilst making a difference to women and girls across the world

Inspire Worldwide facilitates link partnerships and visits between donor schools in the UK and their partner communities overseas. 'Girls 4 Girls' takes this model and tailors it specifically to demonstrate that all women are connected and share an important role in the future of our globalised world.

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How the programme works

Each trip links a girls-only group with one of Inspire’s community partners in Africa or Asia. In these semi-rural communities, a specific group of girls (e.g. a Girls' School group, Guides, a Youth Group or a Women’s Collective) are selected as partners for the UK school. DSCF4503Before the visit takes place, both groups send and receive simple information about themselves, including their age, background, interests and what they hope to achieve in the future.

The Girls 4 Girls programme focuses around a combination of workshop sessions and a joint community project of specific benefit to women and girls.

The workshops involve both UK and in-country groups and are facilitated by the Inspire Team Leader and the Charity Lead Partner. The teams discuss issues which affect women in their own communities. Each workshop has a different theme e.g. aims and ambitions, barriers to achievement, building confidence and leadership.

The group will also work together on a specific community project which will help to empower the girls in the host country. This will depend on the needs and requests of the partner community but could include setting up a women-run income generation project such as pig farming or fuel-efficient rocket stoves, improving toilet facilities for girls at a local school or developing educational materials on women’s rights for use in school.

During the programme, the whole group will also take part in a joint visit, typically a safari, enabling the host girls and the visiting team to share an unique experience together.

Example Itinerary


What participants think of their Girls 4 Girls experience:

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The aim of the Girls 4 Girls programme is to ensure that all the girls involved take the first step to:

  • Better utilise every level of their education
  • Feel confident to lead in school, the workplace and within their communities
  • Enhance their communication skills
  • Share their new-found skills and voice with other young women
  • Understand their true value and potential

Check out Gracie's story and the impact our projects have had on her and her daughter...

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Training & Support 

 All girls in the UK receive the following training. The girls overseas receive similar training in-country from our local charity partner before the UK girls arrive so they are also prepared.

Session 1: 
Women and Development: Gender discrimination and the Feminisation of Poverty. Making an impact: Empowering yourself and others, developing self-confidence and introduction to the ‘Girls4Girls’ workshops.

Session 2: 
Pre-Trip Training: Cultural Awareness, Travelling Responsibly, Kit and Equipment, Vaccinations/Health. 
Taking Part in Workshops: Managing Expectations, How to get the most out of the sessions.

During the trip

The group is fully supported by an Inspire facilitator and a local partner from the link charity, who are based with the group 24 hours a day. The team are also accompanied by


teaching staff from the UK. This leadership team facilitates the workshop sessions and joint activities and ensures the safety and well-being of the girls at all stages.


Costs vary depending on group size but range from £2,400- £2,600 inc flights. This cost includes all food, accommodation, transport, activities, pre-departure training, workshops and Inspire Leader, It also includes 2 teaching staff to support the trip.

For an informal chat to discuss costs and talk through your initial ideas contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 01256 886543.

"Educate a girl and you change the future"

Rania al Abdullah, Queen Consort of Jordan and prominent women’s rights activist

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