As well as school groups Inspire also works with many other teams who are keen to be involved in a community-based project - including Corporate Teams, Scout Groups, Donors, University Students and even just Groups of Friends. 

All our trips comprise of projects specifically requested by one of Inspire’s in-country charity partners. We save you time and provide a professional, safe and highly worthwhile charitable trip. 

What will you do?

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Once we have 'matched' you with one of our partner charities your group will be allocated a specific project by the charity which you are then asked to fundraise for. The donation amount requested directly relates to the charity's cost needs for that specific project. 

The money raised is used to complete this project during your team’s time overseas and covers all material costs, local labour and staff time to get the project completed. Teams are told their project at the beginning of the trip process, so they can fundraise specifically for this.

Projects vary from renovation of classrooms, to water tanks to construction of school farms. We match what you think you can fundraise with the needs of your partner charity -so the options are limitless!

Although the core focus of our trips is always the community project, we can easily add-on some adventure activities or a safari on your request.

What makes Inspire different?

Firstly Inspire do not run 'fit-all' trips. We also do not insist that you join with other groups to make up numbers. Every single trip is tailor-made to you, your needs and that of our local communities. We can easily add on a safari or trek at the end - but our specialism is working with you and our partner charities to create a trip which meets everyone's expectations and has a truly positive impact.

Secondly, we are not an expedition provider, we provide opportunities for organisations to link with charities in the developing world, a core part of which is taking part in a hands-on community project working alongside your partner charity. All our projects are supported year-round by professional charities or small-scale community groups in the countries where the project is based.

We do not go looking for new projects every year. Instead we work with long-term charitable partners who we know and trust and who will maintain and manage any projects our volunteer groups complete. All our projects are requested and maintained by the community and are part of long-term plans which our partner charities monitor and maintain.

We offer your team the opportunity to develop an ongoing partnership with a specific community or charity overseas. Your partnership will help to provide financial and volunteer support for your partner community.

More about what makes us different.

What we offer

2013 SWMP2.jpegWorking with Inspire means that we take on all responsibility for health and safety, logistics, staff preparation and management of the entire trip. You simply tell us what, when and where you would like to go and we match that with our charity partners needs.

We will then work with you to promote the trip to your group - running online, audio or face-to-face sessions. We provide all the materials to generate interest and provide the essential information needed to your team.

Inspire also take on responsibility for all aspects of safety for the trip. We carry out and provide you with full risk assessments for the trip, crisis management plans and can give advice on insurance, travel safety and health advice.

We provide full training for all team members taking part in the trip and ensure they are exceptionally well prepared for their time overseas. We also offer team-building activities and professional development learning opportunities, if this is of interest to your group.

What we include:

  • 'Matching service' between your organisation and one of our charity partners
  • Allocation of specific project for your team
  • Pre-departure Training - for everyone taking part in the trip
  • Overseas Trip - varies according to client and community needs
  • Blogiste and Post-trip report including feedback

What we don't include

  • Flights (to allow you to find the best possible flight options for your groups, we do not include flight costs within our costs, however, we can advise and assist where necessary)
  • Personal Travel & Medical Insurance (although this can easily be included if requested)
  • Personal Vaccinations
  • Personal Spending Money (on average team members should only need £50)

Add-on activities

Safaris, trekking and other adventure activities can also be arranged.


Costs for our trips vary depending on your needs, size of group and length of stay. On average a 7 day trip for a team of 12 including a 6 day project, food, accommodation, in-country travel and 1 day safari costs around £1,250 p/p + flights. For more info on costs click here For an informal chat to discuss costs and talk through your initial ideas contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 01256 886 543.


Some footage of the tailor made trip we managed for The Scott Wilson Millennium Project:


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